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Surgery for Treatable Dementia Might Also Help in Alzheimer's

Patients may benefit from a shunt used for less common brain condition, research suggests. Some people with Alzheimer's disease may be helped by a brain shunt normally used to treat another, less common neurological condition, new research suggests.

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Lewy Body Dementia Association, Inc.

At the Lewy Body Dementia Association, we understand that many families are touched by Lewy body dementia. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, you’re a caregiver, a health-care professional, or you’re looking for more information – we’re here for you. We’ve created our homepage to help LBD families quickly access up-to-date information about LBD to help prepare for some of the changes ahead

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Young Dementia

Young Dementia is dedicated to exploring and supporting the unique needs of individuals living with early-onset dementia or “young dementia”.  While dementia symptoms are similar at any age, the differences between younger people (under age 65, for example) and the more typical older age for dementia can be significant

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Where are we with biomarker diagnosis and other tests for Alzheimer's Disease?